There is nothing faster and more comfortable than a delivery by plane. A cargo Boeing 747 can take up to 200 heads of pedigree pregnant heifers, but, unfortunately, not all the airports are able to accept and discharge cargo from such plane. It is most reasonable to use planes at deliveries to far regions of Russia, for example – to Siberia or Far East. Air transport Contact us If a delivery of large batch of animals, from 1200 to 8000 pregnant heifers, from different continent is needed – vessel is an ideal mean of transport. During the trip the cattle is accompanied by a veterinarian, who controls that the animals get all they need and also helps with quarantine, loading onto the vessel and comfortable transportation of the animals to the farm of the buyer. Sea transport Contact us We use specialized European cattle-carriers. During the trip we organize resupply of water and feed and also resting points. A standard cattle-truck can take up to 35 pedigree pregnant heifers and up to 50 pedigree open heifers, depending o the age and weight. Automobile transport Contact us


Stage 1

Conclusion of contract

Our specialists will help you to make the process of milk and beef production most efficient and profitable. Having an up-to-date knowledge in breeding work, feeding, veterinary science and a rich field experience, our team guarantees to make your project successful and profitable.

Stage 2

Travelling for selection

We organize buyer’s selection of pedigree cattle and his stay in the country of selection (visa, tickets, hotels, cultural program). Our representative accompanies the buyer during his business trip and returns to Russia together with him.

Stage 3

Selection of animals

We organize selection either directly at farms of origin of pedigree cattle, which can take a long period of time, depending on the size of the batch, or at a quarantine farm where all the animals are pre-selected and delivered for the final stage of selection by the buyer before beginning of the quarantine. In this case, the selection takes 1-2 days, depending on the size of the batch.

Stage 4

Quarantine in country of origin

We organize a constant supervision of the cattle by the veterinary authorities of the country of origin and, if needed, by the state veterinarian of Russia for the whole period of quarantine (28 days). We have our own quarantine farms, and that allows us to prepare any batches, especially pregnant heifers with a desired pregnancy for a certain date of delivery, and also to make a homogenous herd, that has a most positive impact on the adapting, safety and productivity of the delivered cattle.

Stage 5


We insure cattle in European and American insurance companies for the whole period of transportation and 30 days after the arrival of the animals to the point of destination (farm of the buyer). The insurance covers 100% of the contract value of an animal in case of death, forced slaughter, trauma or fatal disease and also 25% of the contract value in case of abortion or absence of pregnancy.

Stage 6

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is a necessary procedure at delivering of cattle. Our specialists organize full customs clearance and pass to the buyer a turnkey documentation package.

Our main goal is a long-term partnership.

Our clients work with us for many years, and together we make business more effective. Everything we need is your goal, and we will offer you ideal breeds from different countries, check them together and deliver to any region of the country. This way you will get a maximum effect from your investments to the delivered herd.

If you have any doubts or questions – we are ready to give you answer and to open a new page of your business together.

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