Romanovskaya breed


Sheep of the Romanov breed - coarse-haired, short-tailed, meat-haired. The breed was created 200 years ago near the city of Romanov (now the Yaroslavl region, the city of Tutaev). These animals are characterized by a narrow muzzle, obliquely set sharp teeth. They have excellent adaptive abilities. Due to their stamina, they make long transitions. Wool serves as protection against heat and cold (minus 30 C).


Романовская порода - Sheep
Романовская порода - Sheep


- Early maturity and fertility; - unpretentiousness; - Unique quality sheepskin; - Great yield of wool from three annual haircuts of each individual; - High meat productivity with excellent gastronomic properties; - The quality of nutritious and healthy milk.

Эдильбаевская порода


The Edilbaevsky breed of sheep is characterized by a good physique, a rather powerful constitution and a well-developed fat tail. Sheep, as well as ewes, hornless. The chest circumference is 97-107 cm, the oblique body length is 77-83 cm, the height at the withers is 74-86 cm. The weight of the rams is 110-160 kg, the uterus is 65-100 kg. Sheep are quite early maturing and have excellent growth energy. Live weight gain per day - 195-253


Эдильбаевская порода - Sheep
Эдильбаевская порода - Sheep


- Endurance;
- ration;
- precocity;
- Meat productivity.